Tuesday, February 5, 2008

285 Corridor Rider's Alert

Most of you are aware of the impending residential growth in western Jefferson and eastern Park Counties - approximately 800 known dwellings are planned or in process. RTD is threatening closure of the Pine Junction Park-n-Ride. 100-115 vehicles would be forced onto Highway 285 every day. These vehicles would either be forced to use other Park-n-Ride locations or commuting to metro Denver. The impact would be higher air and traffic pollution. If you are concerned about this, please help form a positive partnership with the community, RDT and CDOT to develop a permanent Pine Junction Park-n-Ride, please take action.

Jefferson County Commissioner Kathy Harrison is an ally in the effort to prevent closure of the Pine Junction Park-n-Ride. She is encouraging concerned citizens to send emails by the 'hundreds,' in order to get the attention and support of her fellow commissioners. Please take a few moments to email her why you believe the Pine Junction Park-n-Ride is important to you and our community, or simply copy the message below and send to Kathy at commish3@jeffco.us.

Dear Commissioner Hartman,

As a resident of ____________ county and an advocate for safe commuting, I request the support of Jefferson County in our quest for development of a permanent Park-n-Ride in Pine Junction. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Be sure to sign your name and please copy the RTD Board at caitlin.magee@rtd-denver.com and pib@gallagherenterprises.com. A few moments of your time can make a major difference in the future of our mountain community. Thank you for your support

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