Monday, December 7, 2009

Evergreen Lake Hoping To Open Dec 12!!!

Hello Skaters!

Winter's fast approaching and winter weather has been here for a few weeks now.

The snow & cold weather can wear people down this time of year but don't despair! cold nights are great for building the ice layer on the lake.

Dig those rusty skates out of the closet, find a puck & a hockey stick if you're so inclined or just get ready to go out and do some triple Lutzs or Salchows. Well, even if your skates have 2 blades on each foot, it's fun to get out in the brisk mountain air and have a blast ice skating in the Heart Of Evergreen within sight of the 3 Sisters!

According to the folks at Evergreen Lake, there is now 10 inches of ice. Twelve are needed to open to the public for skating and they're hoping to reach that this week. If they do, then the lake will open on Saturday!

Click the link above for more info or call the Lake Hotline: 720-880-1391.

Soon we can be enjoying this fabulous benefit, one of many available to mountain dwellers - Flatlanders, don't be discouraged: you're allowed to skate on the lake too! I hope I'll soon be seeing you and your smiling faces out on Evergreen Lake!

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